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Services Offered


All Building Maintenance Inc. provides customers with a wide range of services. We offer various commercial janitorial and maintenance services, in addition to expanding concierge residential cleaning services:

Commercial Cleaning Service - All Building Maintenance Inc

Contract Custodial Services


Traditional customer services are the largest share of our business. We provide a full range of daily and nightly custodial services in the Washington Metropolitan area, Pensylvania, Maryland, Virginia and North Carolina including weekend and holiday service where required.  


All personnel are screened, well trained, and permanently assigned to each building location. This practice helps reduce a high rate of turnover and insures a continual high quality cleaning in your building.  


Commercial Cleaning Service - All Building Maintenance Inc
Specialty Services


We pride ourselves in being able to respond to any specific requirement you might have; below is just a sample of our specialty services.


  • Carpet Cleaning: Methods including Bonnet, Rotary, Hot Water Extraction

  • Commercial Office Building Housekeeping / Custodial Services

  • Medical Building Housekeeping / Custodial  Services

  • Day Matron / Porter Services

  • Window Washing Services

  • On Site Regulated Waste Disposal Management Services

  • Standard Waste Disposal Management Services

  • Recycle Waste Management Services

  • Construction Cleaning Services

  • Event Set-Up and Custodial Services


  • Electrostatic Disinfectant Sprayers Services

  • Residential Move-out and Move-in Cleaning Services


Commercial Cleaning Service - All Building Maintenance Inc
Emergency Responses

Our specialty cleaning/service department has a rapid response rate to any emergency or unscheduled situations such as:


  • Floods

  • Construction Clean Up ​

  •  Any other types of specialty jobs can be handled where the need arises, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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